Meet Walter

Walter Scherr is a career businessman who was also an Associate Professor at  Farmingdale State School and PhD candidate at NYU, He received his bachelor’s degree from Pace College attending night school, and his master’s degree from Hofstra University over the course of 15 years. He overcame many obstacles through persistence, honor, and commitment. He is a devoted family man, and an active philanthropist.

  • Co-Founder of The Vera and Walter Scherr and Family Foundation.
  • Husband, father of four, grandfather of 11, and great grampy of 2.
  • Principle and Board member of 1st publicly traded Facsimile Company.
  • Director, CFO, Executive Vice President: Veeco Instruments Inc.
  • General Manager of UPA Technology Division
  • Group Vice President at Litton Industries
  • Managing Director Sperry LTD.


Walter’s mission is rooted in his love of people, belief in good deeds, a strong sense of honor, truth, and commitment to hard work and worthy aspirations.

Miles To Go

Walter is a tireless humanitarian, giving his time and energy to worthy causes, love to his family, advice to those he mentors, and intends to do so until his last step.

Family Foundation

The Vera and Walter and Scherr Foundation was formed in 2007 by Walter, his daughter Laura, and son Robert. The Foundation’s focus is outreach for education and people with disabilities.

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Walter's Community - Elmer Avila

I arrived from Honduras with only a suitcase full of dreams. But my wife and I worked very hard to save enough money to buy a house. We were the happiest people in the world … until we realized that we had misunderstood the terms of our mortgage. Making the monthly payments was a constant struggle. I was working as a boat mechanic when I met Mr. Walter. He was so kind and friendly and always asked how I was doing. “Everything’s fine,” I’d say, because I didn’t want him to think I would take advantage of our friendship by telling him my troubles. When I finally admitted that we might lose our house, he insisted on helping us refinance the mortgage. He also helped me start my own business, which he named “One Stop Marine.”  Mr. Walter Scherr, I thank you for your generosity and kindness. You are an angel who will forever live in our hearts.

— Elmer Avila

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Walter's Community - Edward Braun

Thank you for being my partner during our great adventure at Veeco. You always believed that “no” was the start of the conversation, never the last word; that every obstacle was a challenge to overcome and develop to our advantage. It still amazes me to think that we successfully integrated eighteen new technology companies into our corporate structure.

Edward Braun, member of Board of Directors, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Veeco Instruments

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Walter's Community - Jim Weldon

Walter was the best business person I ever met. He always looked for whatever would result in a successful partnership or interaction. He asked a lot of questions, but people felt at ease with him, and he could always achieve his goals. When faced with a challenge, Walter knew exactly how to get things back on track. Walter was my mentor, and he’s still my friend. He truly cares about making things better.

— Jim Weldon, former Vice President of Business Development and Technology, Veeco Instruments

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Walter's Community - Bob Oates

Working with Walter at Veeco, I experienced without question the best days of my life. I learned countless immeasurable lessons from him. I will always be grateful that he provided me with such wonderful opportunities. Thanks for the free MBA, Walter!

— Bob Oates, former Executive Vice President of Data Storage at Veeco Instruments

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82nd Airborne Celebrating Their 100th Anniversary
Craig Roberts Interviews Walter Scherr May 18th 2017
Walter Scherr Book Signing Sept 10th 2016
Walter Scherr Book Signing May 21 2016

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Great Article about the 82nd Airborne

82nd Airborne Division Celebrates 100 Years


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The best this country has is the 82nd Airborne Division.


"The All American Paratrooper is…

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2017 Literary Classics Book Awards Presentation

Literary Classics is pleased to announce that the book…

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Patriotism continues to thrive in America, so respect for veterans should continue to sustain as well.

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82nd Airborne Division 100th Anniversary

82nd Airborne Division Celebrates 100 Years

The 82nd's soldiers…

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Literary Classics is pleased to announce that the book Walter’s Way, by Walter Scherr, has been selected to receive the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. The CLC Seal of Approval is a designation reserved for those books which uphold the…

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Craig Roberts Interviews Walter Scherr May 18th…