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Morgan Parker
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Inspiring Life Story For All

By Louis Horowitz on July 3, 2015
Walters Way, a vista through a window in the author’s mind. Told with such clarity that it was like walking in his shoes, with all the sights and sounds of his experience. Rags to riches stories have nothing on Walters Way. He delivers with such insight, living conditions that at times many would have thrown in the towel. His fortune is found by his perseverance and integrity. His successes are born from his entrepreneurship’s, newsboy to CEO and now a philanthropist. I personally don’t travel as much as I’d like. As time I spent reading Walters Way he took me around the globe on his adventures. It’s with great pleasure and admiration that I can recommend this book to everyone who is looking and yearning for inspiration.
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By steven hirsch on June 30, 2015 Amazon Readers Review
If you enjoy inspiring auto biographies Walters Way is a must read. Tom Brokaw describes this time era as the finest generation and is hard to disagree. Walter takes us back to a time where life was both simpler and much harder. His journey begins in ozone park just another family trying their best to survive day to day. A staggering blow is dealt while enlisting for WW II , making the odds of Walter having any success quite improbable never mind living through this ordeal.
Overcoming unimaginable living conditions, Walter survives and begins his entry to the business world, where we follow a career that is breathtaking. His rapid rise in the corporate world is only exceeded by the entrepreneurial drive he shows latter in his career. His drive and spirit take him to places one would never imagine. Anybody who has ever raised money or has been an investor will identify strongly with the ups and downs of being a deal-maker. In this regard Walter was a bit ahead of his time. Younger generations will enjoy seeing what it takes and can learn much from this world class schmoozer from Queens.
You've got to admire somebody who stays in the same house for 50+ years preferring the simpler lifestyle of friends and family rather then mansions and country clubs. Walter has simple core values that still resonate in today's world.
Much to be learned and admired in this book. making sure my son reads it. Highly recommend .
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